About Meta Media

Meta Media is a specialist distributor of children’s animation. In September 2021, we were delighted to be nominated for Distributor of the year at Cartoon Forum. We represent a growing catalogue of high quality programming and offer producers a more flexible and cost-effective international distributon service where they are able to retain control of their rights. We sell our programmes at all the international markets, both to traditional broadcasters and to digital platforms. We can assist producers with financing by finding pre-sales and securing production grants. We also have experience in gap finance and cashflow. We have a strong focus on new digital opportunities and can also provide social media marketing services.

Meta Media was founded by Sara Cooper, previously Chief Operating Officer at children’s TV distributor Union Media for 5 years, where she was responsible for Digital and Finance. Sara began working in TV in the early ’90s where she was Head of International Sales for a French production company based in Paris. Sara then produced a weekly media TV programme, Media Europe, for Financial Times TV in London, followed by 8 years in investment banking. She has also co-founded a talent management business and a publishing company. Sara has a Mathematics degree from the University of Oxford.