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Who Who

An animated series about a curious little owl who discovers the world and meets new people.

Animal Stories

A series of eleven funny animated short films, each about a different animal. 

Bread Barbershop

A hilarious new sitcom for 6-10 year olds where all the characters are different kinds of food and the hero is a slice of bread who is a master cake decorator.


A fairytale world inhabited by tiny human Jingkekids and cute furry Aminals who get drawn into all kinds of incredible adventures and have fun along the way.

Elvis & Benny

A fast-paced comedy with no dialogue about two best friends who have amazing adventures in a fantasy world full of extraordinary creatures.

Ping and Friends

Ping and Friends is a new preschool series about a group of friends who never stop juggling with sounds, words and music.


Animanimals is a highly original and wonderfully absurd series where each episode features a different animal.

Li'l Doc

Li’l Doc is a new series for 6-9 year olds which seeks to de-mystify, in a humorous way, a whole range of medical topics which children might encounter.


‘PoCats’ is a preschool series about the PoCats, tiny colourful toy cats with magical powers.

Lena's Farm

A new series for 4-8 year olds with no dialogue which takes place on a farm with a bunch of peculiar animals.  

Mister Rabbit

Mister Rabbit is an animation series for preschool children without dialogue or narration and full of slapstick humour.

The Koala Brothers

Award-winning pre-school series following the adventures of two koalas whose mission in life is to help others.

Junkyard Paradise

A new comedy for 6-11 year olds with no dialogue in which the evil Dr Wörm is trying to turn the world into a junkyard.  

Happy Go Hopscotch

A half hour Christmas Special, Hopscotch and the Christmas Tree aims to teach children that they can solve problems by staying positive.

Tommy the Little Dragon

A magical dragon takes two panda kids on fantastical adventures to learn important life lessons.


Charlie Chaplin Originals

High Definition ‘refurb’ versions of Chaplin’s best set of short silent films with fresh new vintage music.


Part soap opera, part sitcom, Burrows is a new pre-school stop-motion animation series set in a shop run by animals for animals.




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